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Learn advanced Arnis, Escrima and Kali here in the Philippines

Come and have a Philippines Holiday Adventure while learning a highly practical advanced martial arts. Covering hand to hand kung fu, knife defenses and stick and weapon usage.

Learn advanced Arnis, Escrima and Kali here in the Philippines. Also have a very interesting holiday experience. The training area has moved to the beautiful city of BOGO.

There is both a 2 week course and an advanced 1 month course.

But feel free to contact me about arranging your accommodation and i can answer any training questions you may have.

I have been living in the Philippines now for over ten years and over five years training foreigners full time. i can teach raw beginners no problem but the real gains come if you already have ten years experience in a martial art or perceive that martial arts training will be a main part of your life. As i will super-boost your knowledge and skills in hand to hand kung fu kali, escrima stick and weapons and knife blade defense.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Martialarm New 2015 product jeet kune do kung fu escrima arnis training device machine

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1: One single ARM - our advanced padded model

- once it arrives you decide to screw or bolt it to your wall it is already soft padded. This is a one arm right lead for kung fu and escrima training.
ONLY ONE LEFT FOR SALE $250 plus $59 World Wide shipping

  2: Two left and right ARMs - our advanced padded model

- once it arrives you decide to screw or bolt them to your wall it is already soft padded. This is a one arm right lead and a shorter left lead for kung fu and escrima training.
ONLY ONE SET LEFT FOR SALE $450 plus $99 World Wide Shipping

3: Our Advanced Premier Arm Fully Padded With Full Backing Board

- email us for personal inquiries - it comes with bolts and bracket and is ready to be placed on your wall or Dojo. Super High Quality This is our last one ever!!!
 ONLY ONE SET LEFT FOR SALE $480 plus $149 World Wide Shipping

4: The Martialarm Kung Fu Arnis - basic raw steel painted version.

Ready to attach to your wall and is good for all striking hand to hand systems and also Arnis Escrima training. Simply insert your arnis stick.
Only THREE left for sale $149 plus $25 World Wide shipping cost
The $149 price includes two free arnis sticks
The basic RAW martialarm is easy to pad with water pipe insulation rubber and then wrapped with electrical tape good for karate, kung fu or any martial arts training. It is great for practice of trapping, strikes and your opponent arm control. Insert an arnis stick and it is great for training your stick strikes and control of your opponents weapon.
*** Only three left for sale *** 


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Watch this training video for using the device in Escrima Arnis and Kung Fu



Comes with two free Escrima sticks ready to attach to your training wall. Pad as needed. Perfect for kung fu, wing chun, jeet kune do, karate martial arts hand to hand training. Also for stick training such as Kali, Escrima, or Arnis!

All Models are express delivered to your door World Wide by registered post.

Lessons in Scientific Dirty Street Stick Fighting and Hand to Hand Combat.
Martialarm Martial Arts Kung Fu is a total control system incorporating scientific body weapons with unconditional workability in both attacks and defense. Formula Fighting allows a pre-emptive attack and defense - a much faster system of fighting than the conventional 'reaction response' defenses. Formula fighting correctly applied transcends current martial arts technology to evolve into a martial science so to set new standards.
  • The system includes:
  • Smart error concepts and selective targeting
  • Pressure points and internal shock strikes
  • Mulch-functional and military applications
  • Broken Rhythm or plyometric applications
  • Chi-Sau and automatic reflex systems
  • Stealth weapons and classifications
  • One arm combat strategies
  • Fire and forget formulas
  • Inertia breaking
  • Delivery zones
  • and more

Scientific Training For Speed

#1. Beginning of action

a. You must start in a positive delivery zone otherwise a negative zone can either injure your body parts or work against the intended action and become counter productive. (Newtons 1st law of motion)

b. Create an inertia breaker, a movement that will help you overcome the inertia (resistance to motion due to gravity and friction).

#2. Middle of action (Newtons 2nd Law)

a. After the inertia breaker you must continue the acceleration with a Booster. (Like a booster rocket, an extra aid, a second stage move)

b. All body parts eg arms and legs, in any move be it a punch, block or kick, must always end up in a bent elbow or knee movement to enable a very quick change in any direction at any time.

#3. End of action

NOTE: 'End' of action should not be taken literally as one should never really stop action until the job is done. Our 'end action' should be programmed to an interrupted continuity as if this stage is still the middle stage.

Technological Achievements

1. Revolutionized Martial Arts thinking and design of "Formula Fighting" or "Martial Arts by Numbers" that allows pre-emptive attack - a much faster system than the conventional "Reactionary Response" to attack.

2. Development and pioneered Martial Science - a system which enables practitioner of all styles to evaluate and modify current technologies to improve efficiency and allow comparisons with proof of technologies, concepts and technologies.

3. Developed the following technologies -

a. Sightless combat
b. Smart weapons systems
c. Stealth weapons systems
d. Fire-and-forget systems
e. Broken rhythm energy
f. Plyometrics applications
g. U.F.O. motions
h. Counter error programs
i. Convert errors into attack
j. Selective automatic targetting

The Three Cs - Capability - Control - Confidence

Certainty in containing the opponent by a huge technological edge and a super tough body and mind.

1. Capabilities - Current martial arts technologies have been transcended by total control in that it is a martial science based on fail proof concepts.

2. Control - Allows total control of the opponents capabilities making him defensively impotent. Mulch-functional applications in everyday life as well as in self defense.

3. Confidence - The small, the UN-coordinated, the disabled and also the best and brightest will gain in self belief through this training.

Martial Science Offers

Attack systems that cant be blocked. A shield that cant be breached. Body toughening, Formula fighting, Stealth and U.F.O weapons including the Nukes. Mind freeze technology that shuts the opponent down. 3Cs Capabilities and Control bring about Confidence.

Martial Science Concepts

  1. 1.Traditional Martial Arts - Animal styles or based on kata and ritualized.
    2. Eclectic Martial Arts - Collection of what works for the individual into a new style.
    3. Designer Martial Arts - Only the usable of conscious mind, scientific and repeatable.

    Stealth and unconventional punches and kicks and an increased arsenal and graded weapons.

    Martial Science was developed by Grandmaster Lawrence Lee

The Martialarm Martial Arts System

Winners of the Martialarm Martial Arts Supplies Training Partner Wooden Dummy KIDS CARTOON Competition!

Martial Arts Kung Fu Workout Training Dummy Martialarm - Martial Arts Training Supplies

"Demand a better Martial Arts Wing Chun Wooden Dummy to improve your martial arts training?"

- Martial Arts Training Supplies, Gear and Equipment.-

" When the World gets mean, the economy is broke and tensions are frayed it is important you really can use a martial art, not as a sport but for survival: not only of you but for your family and friends. Martialarm train your aggressive skills today! "

Train with the Martialarm? 9 huge reasons why!

1. A traditional wooden dummy can cost over $1900. The Martialarm, on the other hand is available at our discounted price. That's many hundreds of dollars in savings! Check out our latest special today!
2. Make your martial arts school boom just by putting up a few Martialarms on your wall. Your student will all want to try it out! Martial arts schools everywhere are reaping the rewards of new students and a more exciting training dojo.
3. Training with the Martialarm every day will not only get you in shape, it'll hone your skills and get that cut look!
4. The Martialarm is the only training dummy that moves and twists - left and right, up, down - just like a real training opponent would! It does spring forward and it can strike back! It's the most effective training tool for wing chun, jeet kune do or kung fu since the traditional wooden dummy.
5. The Martialarm is your 24 hour training partner. If you want to train at 4am in the morning, it's there for you!
6. If you need to relieve some tension take it out on the Martialarm. It can take it! You don't have to worry about injuring anyone.
7. Warranty: The Martialarm comes with a 360-day money-back guarantee. If you don't love training with it after 360 days, we'll refund your money minus shipping.
8. Just learned a new technique but have no one to practice it on? The Martialarm will not only be there to practice on but it will also show you if the technique actually works.
9. You'll learn what you need to defend yourself and your loved ones by training regularly. You can get results and learn new martial arts skills by watching the Martialarm Youtube videos.  

Watch this video showing all the excellent ways our martialarm can develop your moves in martial arts training

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our basic steel model
once it arrives you decide to screw or bolt it to your wall after padding it with cloth, old shirts or material and either taping it or binding it in a long sleeve material available at you local materials store.
our basic padded model
- once it arrives you decide to screw or bolt it to your wall already soft padded.
Our Premier model
- email us for personal inquiries
All Models are express delivered
to your door World Wide by registered post.

Martial Arts Kung Fu Training Dummy Martialarm Our Martial Arts Training Supplies

Being a Wing Chun Kung Fu student for many years and then suddenly finding myself isolated from any school and lacking time, I was desperate to find a solution. I didn't have the space to put a huge traditional wooden dummy in my tiny little apartment and I didn't want to sink about $1000 into it either. Being the handy kind of guy that I am, I designed as best I could this martial arts training device which I called "The Martialarm".

I now had my own personal training partner that was flexible, interactive, could take my full force punches and kicks without getting hurt, was always there when I needed it, and never got tired. I no longer had to truck off to the gym for hours to train, so I was saving lots of gas money and I didn't have to try to plan my workout routine around the availability of my favorite sparring partner. The Martialarm became my ultimate training partner!

After my buddies saw my new home training partner, they wanted one too, so to fill the needs of so many, a website was born. The Martialarm has gone through some upgrades and changes over the years to make it even better than my original design. You will see here on my site lots of helpful information for the beginner and also the seasoned practioner.

The Martialarm is unlike other training dummies

The wooden dummy has been used for centuries as a solo training tool. In recent years, they've even been made available in different materials including plastics and other synthetics. But still they all have one thing in common: 

They dont move and so are static

The wooden dummy usually costs hundreds of dollars and it is well designed to improve your form; but really only after you have developed a decent structure from many years of kung fu training. A standard dummy cannot truely react to your attacks like a real partner would because it is not designed for attack and defense spring simulation but for form development.

The Wooden Dummy combined with bag work is ideal and is closer to a simulation training that the martialarm offers. But what we really want is the ability to experience opponent joint manipulation; to practise the striking of an opponents arms, body and head and gain a flow, rhythm or feedback that this training with a partner provides us.

A Wooden Dummy can be difficult to use and it can take years to learn how to use it effectively. It is usually taught only to the most experienced students in traditional Wing Chun as it is taught after the first three forms. The Martialarm on the other hand is designed for joint control, trapping hands and for full use of power strikes now, by any student of any martial art.

Why Some Martial Artists Improve Faster Than Others!

As martial artists, we all know this. Your martial arts instructor probably hammers the point home in class on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there are only so many classes in a week and this can limit your learning and progress.

You want to get better - fast. And you're willing put in your time with home training. But solo training can only take you so far because it lacks the interaction that only a partner can provide.

Visit our Martialarm Sales Page - Click Here


Learn Real Kung Fu ( fast and acurate )


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The newer student in the martial arts should be able to improve at a faster rate by having a realistic practice tool to train on. With the ability to drill his strikes and defenses in a way that is workable on the street and acceptable within the Dojo he would be getting the true training and also a full pressure contact experience. And this is what we try to provide with The Martialarms lead arm and rear arm defense system. Practice does make perfect!

For the experienced student our product allows him or her to really pump up to high speed and power in their training. Imagine the ability to really lay-into your training partner with the full power of your kicks and blows. To practice and perfect speed, first you must master your form and acquire the correct relaxation. Constant martialarm opponent-simulation training does exactly that.

Place on the appropriate pressure points and really become deadly at your chosen art. Gain the speed and the power that you never knew you could have in your punches and kicks. Perfect your hand skill, trapping and strikes. The martialarm is good for all Karate, Kung Fu, Asian and Western systems.

Martialarm Testimonials

"This is the answer to the only problem I had in my martial arts training, 'How to effectively test a technique?' I can now experiment using full power which I could never do before with my normal training partner."

- L-Baxter

"After training in the various martial arts systems for over 22 years and thinking I had seen it all I was extremely surprised to train with your martialarm product. It is truly excellent and proves once again simple ideas are the best."

- F-Barrasong

"I just started to train in Karate and also Wing Chun. I wanted to train as much as possible but there are only two classes per week. Since I bought the martialarm I now train every night! This is great for a beginner who wants to train a lot!"

- J. Evans

 Martialarm Youtube Videos

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History of Kung Fu

History of Wing Chun